Sunlinxx Records is an electronic Music label founded in 2008 by Ken Rangkuty aka Keenhouse to give a platform to musicians who mainly work with electronic music that is retro-futuristic in its origin. Its focus is both on the old and the new within the spectrum of electronic music.

The label’s catalogue features a wide variety of synth-heavy, retro influenced musical selection covering dance genres from classic house, disco-house, french-house, techno, ambient and downtempo to contemporary compositional works and electronic music focused on song structure and soundtrack.
The artists combine the sound of electronically generated music with compositional techniques from the past and a strong sense for melody and musical content.  In that sense Sunlinxx sees itself less as a label for dance music than a platform for a wide variety of music that incorporates new forms of music making bridging tradition and futurism.

What most of the label’s artists have in common is a romantic view of yesterday and a sense of wonder for tomorrow. The artists are equally attracted to childhood memories, sci-fi themes, even folklore, as they are attracted to cutting edge technology, and artistic progress. The use of synthesis and a focus on sound is equally important as is an understanding for traditional instrumentation and already established forms of music.
At the core of the labels vision lies the idea of combining the traditional with the sounds of tomorrow. Futurism and a retrospective attitude often go hand in hand for the artists on Sunlinxx Records. If there’s a goal to all of it then it is that Sunlinxx is trying to create retro-futuristic music that can only exist in a vacuum between past, present, and future. It’s both idealistic, romantic, and unrealistic. You might call it electronic impressionism.

Sunlinxx // For A Better Future