Keenhouse – Civic Transit

Release Date September 6, 2008


Would one dare generalize Keenhouse’s Civic Transit as “dance music?” During the first listen perhaps, as its subtleties are well, subtle. After that first go-round Civic Transit is several shades of wonderful: catchy, dense, retro, and best of all, varied.

Producer Ken Rangkuty’s fruit smoothie of electric delight on Transit is two-step friendly, but some tracks are best suited for travel or leisure listen (“Civic Transit” and “Treehouse”). At once it’s four-to-the-floor housey, in other places its flash and neon disco, but the Kraftwerk-steelo rigidity on synths are just as vital to this multi-faceted EP. Another observation is Keenhouse’s focus on accessibility. Robotic vocalists and emotionless disco queens “la la” and “ooo-ahh” throughout, while hooks and choral snippets tag tracks with distinct personality to remember them by. Purists might argue that electric music is best without the compromise of catchy hooks and melodies, denouncing the stat quo’s of rock music. And? A balanced synthesis of retro-futurism, Civic Transit is electro, disco, house, techno and German synthpop, but most of all, it’s a well-crafted album worth a glance. -URB Magazine


1. Deep In The Forest

2. Civic Transit

3. Starpower Outage

4. Mecho Maniac

5. Revolution

6. Dame Yo

7. Treehouse

8. The Rendezvous

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