Class A Mastering Services

At Sunlinxx Records we offer Class A Mastering Services. If you have a track or a whole album that you like to get mastered, we are here to help. We give you a free consultation for your mixes prior to mastering when you go with us. We do this because we believe in quality audio engineering and will work together with you to deliver a great sounding master.

To get you the best master possible we will always check that the mixes are:

     dynamically ‘correct’
     help adjust EQ’ing and compression
     check the overall frequency balance of mix
     check for well balanced stereo imaging

Our services include:

Single Track Mastering
Album Mastering
Stem Mastering
Vinyl Mastering
Single Deck Transfers + Mastering (on request)
Reel to Reel Transfers
Audio Restoration

Equipment List:

Manley Mid Range EQs
Manley Massive Passive
Manley Customized Mastering Variable Mu
CLM Dynamics DB500s Expounder
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Junger Accent 1
Sontec DRC-202
Z-Systems ZQ-6
Emm Labs Dac8 MkIV
TC Electronic System 6000
Sonic Studio soundBlade, Sonic Studio Mastering EQ
Mara Machines MCI JH110 1/2″ Two Track Tape Machine
Metric Halo ULN8
Antelope Isochrone OCX
George Augsburger Custom Design Monitors

Mastering Rate per track: $100,-
Attending of Mastering session upon request.

Files can be delivered via our own FTP, cloud links such as Dropbox, or physical media.

for any questions or to book a session.