peaceFIRE is an electronic music duo featuring the talents of Elliott Fiedler (programming, keyboards) and Mayumi Kaneyuki (lead vocals, keyboards). Elliott is originally from Colorado and lives in Japan. Mayumi is originally from Japan and she is currently living in Los Angeles. This cultural crossover is the main foundation of the band: a musical bridge between styles and cultures, and exploration in sound, music striving to innovate and expand the harmonic, melodic and structural possibilities of electronic music in this new era.

Elliott and Mayumi first met in Tokyo (Japan) five years ago at a concert where fellow electronic musicians Keenhouse, Rhythm Droid, and Crystal were performing. As the conversation between them started the connection and personality affinities raised: both posses a strong love for music, they are both writers, and share wide experiences of living abroad. Elliott moved to Tokyo in 2012 and built his own studio “The Rainbow Room” where he started fulfilling his musical inquietudes. Elliott released several EPs through Sunlinxx Records but it was not until 2013 when Elliott decided to produce a full-length LP. Along with Elliott’s instrumental explorations, he started creating music with lead vocals in mind. Soon after Mayumi joined forces with Elliott and together created peaceFIRE.

Elliott Fiedler (USA) hit the indie dance scene in 2008 to create music that is effortlessly progressive, and embodies a form or order beyond the well­‐established rules of dance and pop. After a debut EP release featuring two genre-­‐busting epics, “Baghdad Rainbow” and “Sapphire” (the former remixed by Keenhouse, and the later by Grum, remixer of such high profile acts as Lady Gaga and Pet Shop Boys) t went on to sign with Sunlinxx Records in 2012, releasing the single “Death by English” (featured in Anoraak’s “Venice Mix”) and his second EP “Mystic Body” in 2013.

Mayumi Kaneyuki (Tokyo) started playing piano when she was 3 years old, and attended to piano classes at The Yamaha School in Japan until she turned 16. Two years later Mayumi decided to expand her musical career and began taking vocal lessons in Tokyo under the mentorship of Reddy Yoko, important music teacher in Japan. It was this experience that drove Mayumi to discover and learn more from “the outside world”, and soon after she moved to New York. Mayumi started working at a Jazz Cafe and met her friend and jazz pianist Mr. Kondo, with who released a Bossa Nova album called “Game of Seasons”. In 2012 Mayumi joined forces with electronic musician Keenhouse and together released “Make Over” (Upfront/Zetima), which was a success in Japan. Their first single was picked as the main track for a TV Show and the duo performed in different cities across the country including Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohoma, and Kyoto.

peaceFIRE are releasing their debut album “Harmonizer” (Sunlinxxx Records) on May 15, an album aimed at breaking musical and cultural boundaries. peaceFIRE’s debut effort presents an organic evolution of electronic music, exploding the genres of pop and progressive musical expression.

Each track comprising Harmonizer is an exploration of different musical ideas and structure. peaceFIRE experience sound as color, and each song presents a spectrum of color unique to itself, and together they harmonize to create a full musical rainbow: “Harmonizer is the right explanation of what we are. Creative Freedom (US) and Harmony (JAPAN). I am the heart and soul –Fire. Elliott is the peaceful frequency of electronic music –Peace. I found FIRE in the US, He found PEACE in Japan. ” Mayumi points out.

Past works include:

P e a c e FIRE – ‘Sapphire Rainbow EP’ (Positive and Focused Records, 2009)

Notable Remixes include:
Division Kent – ‘The Year of Magical Thinking’ (If Then Records, 2009)
Af the Naysayer – ‘Briefing Room’ (2010)


 p e a c e FIRE – Mystic Body (SNLNX011)

 p e a c e FIRE – Death by English (SNLNX009)