peaceFIRE – Harmonizer (Out 05.15.15)

LOS ANGELES, CA: peaceFIRE, electronic music duo featuring the talents of Elliott Fiedler and Mayumi Kaneyuki, are releasing their first album “Harmonizer” – on May 15. Initially conceived as a record inspired by 80s Italo disco, peaceFIRE’s debut effort presents an organic evolution of electronic music, exploding the genres of pop and progressive musical expression. Their first single “Hot Glitter” undoubtedly represents the adventurous and fearless spirit behind peaceFIRE.
The leading single “Hot Glitter” beautifully combines the excitement of Italo -inspired electronic sounds with a pop edge, a track that proclaims the liberation of the self, a freedom to become and share who you really are-“…a truth that is beyond a culture, religion or tradition, and that being expressed equally in a spiritual and worldly‐sense,” Elliott affirms.

Creatively bringing together analog and digital techniques, the “Hot Glitter” music video (produced and edited by peaceFIRE) places Mayumi in a dynamic digital world, visually echoing the lyrics of transformation and free expression in the song. Monochrome colors explode into blazing streams of rainbow distortions as Mayumi explores an environment of brilliant light and sound. Effortlessly bridging fresh production with vintage graphical effects using analog video samplers, the video of “Hot Glitter” is equal parts visually mind‐bending as it is emotionally expressive.
Each track comprising Harmonizer is an exploration of different musical ideas and structure. peaceFIRE experience sound as color, and each song presents a spectrum of color unique to itself, and together they harmonize to create a full musical rainbow: “Harmonizer is the right explanation of what we are. Creative Freedom (US) and Harmony (JAPAN). I am the heart and soul – Fire-. Elliott is the peaceful frequency of electronic music – Peace-. I found FIRE in the US, He found PEACE in Japan. ” Mayumi points.

peaceFIRE, A Cultural Crossover And Astral Combustion

peaceFIRE is an electronic duo formed by Elliott Fiedler (programming, keyboards) and Mayumi Kaneyuki (lead vocals, keyboards). Mayumi is originally from Japan and lives in Los Angeles. Elliott is originally from Colorado and is currently living in Japan. This multicultural crossover inspired peaceFIRE to create a song in Japanese – Yume Wo Koeru. The title translates to “Beyond A Dream”, and its lyrics are inspired by Mayumi’s concerns with the nuclear issues in Japan. The song describes a future where people are only able to identify themselves through a mirror that “does not reflect” (identification with a virtual life), nature being replaced by the blue steel of the metropolis, losing one’s self in the illusions of the artificial world. “Would you like to take the blue or red pill?” The song isn’t totally fatalistic however, as it calls for a return to one’s true self, one without digital masks, remembrance of one’s heart connection to all of humanity throughout time. Elliott is Libra – sign of air ­ who keeps the balance, obsession to detail, and harmony. Mayumi is Aries – sign of fire ‐ and she symbolizes the passion and adventure.

Harmonizer is to be released on May 15, with Hot Glitter as the lead single.


Alt Text
 1. Hot Glitter 3:56

 2. Invisible Man 7:16

 3. Swords 4:25

 4. Chaque Balloon 5:20

 5. Yume Wo Koeru 6:30

 6. Teletext 6:54

 7. Another World 6:39

 8. Gemini 5:54

 9. Mystic Body 10:11

10. Harmonizer 5:47