peaceFIRE – Mystic Body

Release Date: July 3, 2013


We are very proud to welcome back peaceFIRE for his second release on Sunlinxx Records. Entitled “Mystic Body”, his newest work is an exploration of harmony, color, and most of all power. As is the case with most of his works there is nothing forced about the way his music evolves, yet most of them are written in a style well outside electronic music conventions. You will feel the climax, hear the peak, be transported along a beautiful story arc, but never will there be a forced attempt to hammer home the hook. In other words,peaceFIRE writes outstanding linear compositions, creates geometrical shapes of triumphant chord progressions, and knows how to write melodies that sing.

The release is accompanied by a super relaxed, futuristic R’n B interoperation by Hemingway. The remix manages to be both a is breezy and criminally hard grooving rendition of the original. Keenhouse delivers a mystic reinterpretation, combining classical piano and dark electronic landscapes. Approaching the original from a somewhat ghostly angle, his interpretation is a slow, and guilty journey into the abyss. GonDeep’s version is a DJ friendly remix that will fit perfectly in any Deep House or Downtempo set. With just a tiny hint of “caliente”, GonDeep’s remix breathes, envelopes , ebbs and flows. hypnotizes you.

In his own words,peaceFIRE sees himself as a bridge. Harmonizing ideas that appear separate, in paradox, and in contradiction. To peaceFIRE sound and color are one experience. It is that what some might call a universal language. Music merely being one slice, one manifestation of the same thing. Being peaceFIRE all comes together in his own studio ‘The Rainbow Room’ where peaceFIRE is currently working on his own musical and visual productions as well as a full-length album to be released in 2013.

Past tracks include:

Death by English Single (Sunlinxx Records)

Baghdad Rainbow and Sapphire both of which rang a bell on Discodust with ‘Sapphire’ eventually being included in a Grum Mix for Radio BBC 1.

Notable Remixes include a remix for Swiss Duo Division Kent – The Year of Magical Thinking and Af the Naysayer – ‘Briefing Room’.

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