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“Vonavi” is the project of of Andy Ivanov, a 21 year old producer from the Ukraine. Even though still a young producer, Andy has been active in the electronic music scene for quite some time now under the synonym “Famou” before starting his new project “Vonavi”.

In his own words Andy was ready to depart from the dance and EDM sounds which he focused on earlier and explore a new, more individual and experimental sound. Along with organic instrumentation, ‘real’ instruments’ such as guitars, electric bass, and analog synth Andy started to focus on his new productions as Vonavi in 2013.

In a few words, the sound of Vonavi is individual. It is electronic music that works best when listened to closely. Vonavi has a talent for creating little closed worlds within his music. It is not body music, neither is it purely headphone music but rather the sort of soundtrack that immediately paints a colorful picture of mystical and quirky landscapes. The sounds he uses are very visual and the titles he chooses for his tracks seem to fit perfectly to the content. His music is futuristic yet very organic.


 Vonavi – Travel Freak (SNLNX013)